SL executive Ltd. | Terms and Conditions


A deposit of 50% is required for most bookings but will be confirmed at the time of booking.

Full payment is required if cancellations are made and not given at least 24 hours notice.

All deposits are non refundable.

Food Consumption

Passengers are not allowed to smoke or consume alcohol in any vehicle and must wear seat belts at all times of the journey.

Passengers are not permitted to consume greasy foods i.e. chips/burgers.

- Sandwiches and soft drinks will be allowed at the driver’s discretion.

- Rubbish is to be removed by the hirer.

- Any spillages or vomiting by passengers, the hirer will incur cleaning expenses starting from £70.

Driver Discretion

The driver can refuse to Pick-Up any passenger who appears to have consumed too much alcohol.

The full price of the booking must still be paid to us. He can also terminate the journey at any time if any passenger becomes rowdy, or aggressive.

Vehicle Damages

Any damage internally or externally to the vehicle by any passenger will also result in the full price being paid.

Unscheduled Stops

Additional Pick-Up addresses not confirmed when the booking is made will incur reasonable charges for any additional mileage covered.

Speed Limit and Delays

Our Drivers will drive at reasonable speeds, please do not ask them to exceed speed limits.

Once we leave the Pick-Up address we do not accept any responsibility in any way for late arrival to your chosen destination for whatever reason i.e.; traffic delays, accidents, breakdowns, severe weather conditions.

Damage to Belongings

Whilst every precaution is taken we except no responsibility for loss or damage to any article placed or carried in any vehicle.

Unforeseen Events

In the event that we are unable, for reasons beyond our control to carry out a contract, we will deem to have the contract carried out by another third party.

Waiting Time

A charge will be imposed if we have to wait longer than 30 minutes at the start/return of the journey time booked unless we have been notified in advance.

All airport pick-ups are allowed up to 45 minutes free waiting time, after the aircraft has landed. Thereafter the hirer will incur charges of £30 per hour.

For short haul flights your chauffeur will already be on the road so they arrive on time. If your flight is delayed 1 hour or more than a £30 per hour will be charged as we will already be at the airport waiting and other work is also affected.